When building maven projects with hudson, there's some common best practices about maven repositories handling :

  1. isolate maven repositories between jobs
  2. regularly purge repositories

The problem

The basic way to do it is to activate the hudson per-job option : "Use private Maven repository". But the thing is you have to do it for EVERY new job you add. There is no way inside hudson to activate it globally.

Documented solution

If you look at hudson help for this option, you'll see a link to a simple solution that specify the repository directly in the maven settings.xml file. The tip is to redefine the localRepository tag inside settings with this special value :


This way, you're done with the first best practice : isolate maven repositories. But not yet with the regularly purge repositories one. Actually, using this option will put the m2_repo inside each hudson job workspace. So, finding and deleting them could become a bit cumbersome. You'd have to cron something like find . -name m2_repo -exec rm -rf "{}" \;.

Even better

As you might have understood, I was not thoroughly satisfied with this solution. I wanted to be able to really easily delete the repositories. So I just changed the option above to have them all inside the same root directory under ~/.m2/repositories, one per job.

Quite simple in fact, instead, just use :


This way, the only thing you have to put in the cron job is rm -rf /some/path/.m2/repositories/. A bit more straightforward, isn't it? :-)

Hope this helps.