New Adventure

I have always been a tooling fan. Early in my career, now more than 10 years ago, I realized how much I love writing things making my life easier.

Automation for the win!

Open Source

I have also always liked to be part of opensource communities. Sharing knowledge and helping others, learning a lot in the process. Participating in things like Hibernate documentation translation, Hibernate forum, Apache Maven mailing lists, MOJO @ CodeHaus (now MojoHaus) Continuum, Archiva, M2E, Sonar[Qube], Hudson, and…​ Jenkins.

After switching from Apache Continuum, I started using Jenkins around 2009 when it was named a bit differently. My first message on the users mailing list seems to date back to early 2010.

My first code contribution to Jenkins seems to date back to 2011, where I had to git bisect a weird issue we were probably only very few to have, as we were using IBM AIX at that time.

Later, I took over the maintenance of some others, like the Radiator View Plugin, Parameterized Scheduler Plugin and most importantly the Chuck Norris Plugin.

About 2 years ago, I started participating in the Jenkins Governance Meetings on IRC.

Full Time Jenkins!

All those years, I have been spending a fair amount of time on that project close to my heart. So, having the opportunity to work full-time in "a professional opensource company" on all-things-Jenkins is obviously something strongly motivating to me.

I am thrilled to say I will be joining CloudBees next August.

I am very proud to soon start working with so many great individuals, bringing my small contribution to smoothifying the software delivery process in our industry.

Follow me on @bmathus to get more updates if you are interested :-).

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