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I want to go back to writing. I am convinced that writing helps taking things out and is a good exercise by itself.

The frequency of postings here has gone way too low for my taste.

With this entry, I am publicly committing to publish at least one entry per week during September 2019. [1]

Many things are ongoing on a personal and professional level that make blogging harder, but clearly that is also mostly a bad excuse. I definitely spend enough time on things that are unimportant to me (Twitter and YouTube, looking at you) that I can recycle some of this time to blog instead.

Given my career change, and that I have also been reading more lately, I expect overall this should provide good matter for reflection, and hence blogging.

This will somehow by definition be less technical, but I will also keep talking about my various technical findings. For instance, after the closing of CrashPlan for personal use, I have spent a fair amount of time experimenting various backup solutions a few months ago. This is now running incrementally in the background every 15 minutes, using Restic.

Stay tuned and see you soon! :-)

1. Yeah, not implying there are people out there actually caring about my commitment, but using this way to somehow force myself to not forget.
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