125 Rue Bonnat
31400 Toulouse

34 yo, Froggy, married, 2 children


02/2018 → now

CloudBees : Jenkins Evergreen Tools Hacker — Evergreen is a brand new Open Source distribution of Jenkins, automatically self updating.

08/2016 → 02/2018

CloudBees : Jenkins Developer in the Astro team. We were responsible for developing CloudBees Jenkins Operation Center and CloudBees Jenkins Client Master products, known also as CJP: the CloudBees Jenkins Platform.

2014 → 08/2016

MiPih : Software Factory Developer: our team provides the tooling to help other teams go faster (I’ve actually bootstrapped this around 2009, and indirectly worked on it since). We also develop an internal application designed to help facilitate packaging of all the modules (validating & updating dependencies, automating the release process…​).


MiPih : Scrum Master. Development of the security subsystem (interception, API) of the PGIH project (Full rewrite of the MiPih softwares). Up to 9 developers in the team.

2012 → Currently

Toulouse Java User Group : Leader (organizing conferences, workshops…​)

2009 → 2013

MiPih : Java EE Technical Architect. Design & development, inter-languages integrations…​ (C, Cobol, NSDK…​)

2005 → 2009

MiPih : Developer on the Java EE internal framework

2002 → 2005

MiPih (apprenticeship) Java Integration → Natstar (JNI), C, PL/SQL, Tomcat, JSP/Servlets, Struts



Functional Programming Principles In Scala — Coursera (MOOC)

2002 → 2005

Master of Science [1] (Ingénieurs 2000 - Marne La Vallée University)

2000 → 2002

Two-year university degree in technology (French DUT, attended in Fontainebleau, France)


Baccalauréat (French secondary school diploma/high-school degree)



  • Clean Code, Design, Algorithmics, Complexity, Refactoring…​


    Java (development, JVM tuning), Groovy, Bash, NodeJS, Scala, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, C/C++

    Libraries & Framework

    Java EE, Lucene, ElasticSearch, Hibernate, GWT, JNI…​


    JBoss, Tomcat, Apache HTTPd, Nginx

Build & Automation

  • Jenkins (Active Community Member)

    • Maintainer of 4 OpenSource plugins

    • Operating a software factory (Docker Swarm provisioned agents, 1500 jobs, 50+ hours of builds per day)

  • Maven (Committer on the MojoHaus OpenSource project), SonarQube (french localization maintainer), Nexus

  • Docker, Ansible, Vagrant…​

Source Control Management

  • Git: Presentations et public workshops, many SVN → Git migrations (internal or public, like for MojoHaus), GitHub, Gerrit

  • Subversion, CVS


  • Linux (Debian, Fedora/RHEL) : since 2000

  • Windows

Communication & Methodologies

Both my work and my character got me used to speak in public, in french or in english, before a large number of people if need be.



  • Workshops animations, often via Serious Games (retrospectives, prioritization, product definition…​)

  • Scrum Master (giving a great importance to not change this role into a modern version of a /project manager/)

  • Product Ownership (on technical product)

  • Member of AgileToulouse, the Toulouse Agile association


Interests and activities

  • Running/trail those days, sports in general

  • OpenSource, Programming

1. french "engineering diploma"